Our Know-How

Projects Development

Support and counsel

Our team has been working in the field of renewable energy projects for 15 years (solar energy, wind power, small hydroelectricity). We develop projects that are highly respectful of the environment and that are both technically and economically successful. We make sure these projects are accepted by the local authorities and inhabitants. We supply consultancy mission in our areas of expertise (development project, potential study, etc).
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Our business area

Renewable Energy

Urban Agriculture

We are convinced they are one of the solutions to the environmental issues that are at stake today as well as to the economic development of rural areas. We believe they are a key to a lasting future.

One of the key of a sustainable urban development is probably urban farming. In France several projects could be turned into real installations respectful of the environment and able to provide local inhabitants with fresh fruit and vegetables. Helioptim is highly involved in the project "Toit Tout Vert" in Paris.

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